School Issues

School Issues

While school is often stressful for many children, the reasons may vary. A high achieving student may feel a great deal of pressure and anxiety surrounding their performance and grades. Other students may be struggling to keep up with work or pass a class due to learning issues, poor concentration, organizational and time management difficulties or even because of a mood disorder.  Sometimes the issues involve trouble navigating the often complex and difficult social and organizational structures present in school. This is especially true if a child is new or has just transitioned to a new school
(e.g. from middle school to high school).

Treatment options:

The treatment strategies for school issues begin by identifying what the client’s goals are for not only their school success, but also for their general health and mental wellness as it relates to school.
For example, the high achieving student may focus less on how to handle school and more on how they cope with stress and achieve a balanced life. Often when working on school issues the counselor will assess the client’s ability to focus and go over strategies for maintaining concentration, study habits and organizational skills. To address issues with peers, clients talk through their perception of the social scene at school and plan how and when to use different social skills.

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