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We are pleased to support receipt of an unrestricted grant from Vision Benefits of America in the amount of $2,000!  Thank you to their Foundation for recognizing the impact our agency has on the mental health and wellness in our community! 



Donating to Outreach Teen & Family Services not only ensures the continuation of exceptional counseling services for children, teens and families who are at their most vulnerable, your gift also supports our continued commitment to provide a range of free and community programming and expert speakers.

$100      Fully subsidizes one counseling session
$250      Provides a 4-session middle school girls’ negotiating series
$500      Supports a 6-session parenting series
$1,000   Invests in a family by providing 10 counseling sessions

Thanks to YOUR generosity, mental health counseling can remain affordable for those in need.

Be a part of our Ambassador Program, by making a long-term pledge.

Making your donation today helps a child in need!



In 2024, Outreach Teen and Family Services will celebrate half a century as a trusted, valued community resource, offering accessible, affordable, professional counseling and educational programs to youth, ages 5-21 and their families.

Since its founding in 1974, Outreach has evolved to meet changing needs—and those needs continue to grow. The main reasons clients come to Outreach today are anxiety and depression, as well as behavioral adjustment and family issues. Depression alone has risen 30% recently. Close to 80% of those who need treatment for mental health can’t find it or receive substandard care. That makes Outreach’s community based counseling services essential.

Our goal is to raise at least $300,000 by Outreach’s 50th anniversary in 2024, creating an Endowment Fund at the Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation to support Outreach’s mission by ensuring subsidies for those in need; a comfortable, welcoming facility for clients; and an engaged, highly professional staff.

Perhaps Outreach helped your child or your family benefited from its programs.  If not, you probably know someone Outreach has positively affected. And even if you don’t know who that someone might be, rest assured Outreach has helped make our community a safer, healthier place.

Join Your Friends and Neighbors!

During the quiet phase of the program, we’ve received $109,400 towards pledges totaling $194,556 from the following generous donors: 

Michael Blehar & Beth Evans*
Chuck & Jill Brodbeck*
Gary Brown
Maria Kast-Carson & Christopher Carson*
The Cottage Bridge Foundation
Nancy & Bob Dapper
Barbara & Scott Davidson
C. Michael & Joanne Dempe*
Mark & Susan Gleason*
David & Louise Horvath*
David Hughes*
Lynn & Larry Lebowitz
Robert M. & Anna F. Lucas
Mark & Linda Mazzei
Mt. Lebanon Office Suites*
Jim & Anne Noland in memory of Peter B. Larsen
Kelly Schraven
Lynn M. & Joseph B. Smith
Bonnie & Tom VanKirk
G. Alan Yeasted, MD, FACP & JoEllen DiGirolamo Yeasted*
Anne & Sam Zacharias

*Indicates a Lead Donor with a minimum pledge of $10,000.

Many thanks to the amazing Steering Committee, who worked throughout the quiet phase to obtain such generous pledges and donations:

Chuck Brodbeck
Mike Dempe
Maria Kast-Carson
Myles Lilley
Susan Fleming Morgans
Stacey V. Rhodes

Contact Mary Birks,, to request a pledge form or download it here, and find out how you can be a part of Outreach’s future! 



We would like to thank our foundation and community partners listed below for their historical and ongoing generous support of our mission:

  • Alcoa Foundation
  • Anonymous (the funder wishes to remain anonymous)
  • BNY Mellon Corporation’s Community Partnership
  • Anne L. & George H. Clapp Charitable & Educational Trust
  • Dollar Bank Foundation
  • Dormont-Mt. Lebanon-Castle Shannon Rotary Club
  • FISA
  • GC Murphy Foundation
  • Grable Foundation
  • Simon Hafner Charitable Foundation
  • Roy A. Hunt Foundation
  • Earl Knudsen Charitable Foundation
  • Massey Charitable Trust
  • McKinney Charitable Foundation
  • Howard & Nell E. Miller Foundation
  • Mt. Lebanon Community Foundation
  • Mt. Lebanon Police Association
  • Peirce Family Foundation
  • The Pittsburgh Foundation (via the annual Day of Giving)
  • PNC Charitable Trust
  • PNC Foundation
  • Ovid Robinson Charitable Trust
  • Staunton Farm Foundation
  • Town Hall South