Our master’s level clinicians provide professional counseling services to clients, ages 5-21, parents and families. The client’s needs are matched to a counselor’s area of expertise. Without a waiting list, clients are usually scheduled within a week of the initial inquiry.

As an established member of our community, Outreach Teen & Family Services has been providing counseling services and programs for more than four decades, focusing on empowerment, prevention, education, and early intervention.

We all experience different changes and struggles that shape us into the person we will eventually become. With the right support, children and teens can grow in healthy emotional and mental environments and become successful, utilizing critical coping skills as challenges arise in the future.

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Outreach provides articles for local communities’ magazines and newsletters.

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Did You Know?

Outreach has been helping teens for over four decades; responding to the needs of the community, the agency added counseling services for children as young as 5, going up to the age of 21. In 2018, we added counseling services for parents as well. 

In 2019, Outreach provided nearly 1,300 individual/family counseling sessions to over 200 clients. Our counseling and programs and presentations reached thousands of community members from 30 unique zip codes.

Outreach has a satellite office in Bethel Park’s municipal building. Due to their community’s commitment to mental health, sessions are free to Bethel Park kids and families seeking help. 


Over 90% of the patients referred to Outreach have given positive feedback regarding their experience with your services (either as adolescents or parenting consults).

A Referring Pediatrician's Office

Outreach Teen and Family Services are essential to the Chartiers-Houston School District as a primary resource and gateway to all students who may need assistance with mental health, drug and alcohol problems and academic support.  These services are used to ensure the success of our students.

Chartiers-Houston SAP Team

The best resource for families in the Pittsburgh area.

Blaise LarotondaMagisterial District Judge

Our students and their families are lucky to have Outreach as part of our community. I feel very confident that families will get the support and help they need when I suggest they contact Outreach for their services.

Tara S. LejaMt. Lebanon High School Guidance Counselor

As police officers, we are expected to quickly respond and assess a variety of different, and often complicated situations.  Unfortunately, we are often able to provide only a short term fix.  The ability of our officers to refer teens and families to Outreach for additional resources in a local setting, helps to ensure that these young people and their families will receive professional and specialized care for the difficult circumstances they are facing.

Aaron V. LauthChief of Police, Mt. Lebanon Police Department

The Mt. Lebanon School District has developed an extraordinary partnership with Outreach Teen & Family Services. Their partnership is a vital support service for the health and well-being of our children.

Timothy J. Steinhauer, Ed.D.Mt. Lebanon School District Superintendent

“Outreach is definitely a place I recommend; it is powerful. You discover that life is like a mountain and while sometimes obstacles like rocks and trees get in the way, on the other side is a whole new view.”

Outreach Client