Leading the way by trying to the raise public awareness and promote understanding of mental health and mental illness. We arrange and/or provides workshops, forums, presentations, symposia, and opportunities for dialogue in order to accomplish this end. We also prepare and present information concerning specific topics and areas of interest as requested by individuals, groups and organizations.


Outreach aims to address and improve the social and interpersonal conditions that contribute to the burden of mental health struggles. Our efforts serve to empower clients to take actions that promote their own individual mental wellness and emotional well-being and to avoid unhealthy choices with more serious long-term consequences.


Outreach’s intervention programs and counseling services are designed to positively affect the overall functioning of individuals and families, especially as it applies to mental health and wellness. The word intervention itself means “to come between, to interrupt.” Our clinicians utilize evidence based intervention efforts to disrupt unhealthy patterns of behavior, facilitating changes toward more positive and adaptive life choices.