Parenting is the most difficult job in the world! It is only natural to run into stumbling blocks along the way. Some parents have difficulty getting their children to be compliant with the household rules, helping their children through various family issues (e.g. divorce, relocation, remarriage) or helping their children do well in school. When parents feel stressed or ineffective in their roles, it can impact the functioning of every member of the family.

Warning signs that you may want to talk with someone:

  • Feeling ineffective as a parent
  • Difficulty getting your children to comply with the rules
  • Frequent arguing in the household
  • Experience of any family stressor (e.g. relocation, loss, remarriage)
  • Feeling of frustration in your role as a parent

 Treatment options:

Outreach has services designed to help parents discuss their struggles and receive help. Parent consultations are a free service offered to parents in which a therapist can help parents develop a plan of how to respond to current difficulties experienced in the household. Additionally, family therapy (in which all members of the family participate in treatment) may help everyone learn more skills, such as effective communication and ways of dealing with intense negative emotions.

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