Logan joins us as a Master of Social Work with a certificate in Children, Youth & Families. She has experience serving teens, adolescents, and children in variety of mental health and community settings. Her journey in the field of mental health began at Duquesne University, where she graduated with a degree in Psychology in 2021. Driven by her passion for making a meaningful impact, she continued her academic pursuit by obtaining a Master of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh in 2023. Through her academic endeavors, she discovered a genuine calling to work with children and families. Her therapeutic approach is rooted in empathy, active listening, and collaborative problem-solving, as she aims to empower children and families to overcome challenges and build a brighter future. As a full-time school-based mental health counselor in the West Allegheny School District, Logan has the privilege of being part of students' lives as they navigate the complexities of growing up. Her goal is to provide a safe and supportive space for students to express themselves, manage their emotions, and develop essential life skills. She is dedicated to fostering their emotional growth, resilience, and success in both academics and life. When she is not working, she finds joy in spending quality time with her family and beloved dogs. The wonders of nature are a source of rejuvenation for Logan, whether she is exploring new trails, practicing mindfulness outdoors, or simply enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. Logan is also a creative spirit, often engaged in crafting projects such as embroidery and tending to her plant collection.