Teresa’s Story

Going to the movies this weekend? Maybe out to see a play or show? A concert? Out to dinner with friends? When you experience social anxiety, just the suggestion of going to these events may lead to fear and panic.

Teresa* came into the Outreach office literally kicking and screaming. Her anxiety, previously untreated, came out as rage. She wasn’t able to go to school or enjoy events with her family. Uncommunicative for the first month of sessions, Teresa slowly let go of her rage. Her counselor patiently talked with Teresa, planting seeds with her each week. Knowing that Teresa loved animals, the counselor used her experience with her own pets to engage Teresa in conversation. Eventually, these conversations led to therapeutic discussions.

Teresa is now able to go out to dinner and shows with her family and friends, and is back at school thanks to a compassionate counselor, planting the seeds of care, and watching amazing things grow!

You, dear donor, assist clients such as Teresa in need of subsidized counseling sessions, as well as Outreach’s ability to develop impactful programming and community presentations to help teens and families realize their full potential.


*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality