Jack’s Story

Ever since he was a little boy, Jack* was a worrier. He worried that his parents would die in a car crash; he worried the kids at school wouldn’t like him; he worried a lot about being sick. Jack is now in middle school and the worry has been taking over. Jack missed days of school fearing that he had a horrible illness; he missed birthday parties because he feared something would happen to his mom while he was away; he missed going to the skating rink because he feared no one would talk to him. In short, he was missing out on his childhood.

Throughout sessions with a caring counselor, Jack learned that he could challenge the thoughts that held him captive, while gaining skills to cope with the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety. He was determined to not allow it to limit him. He discovered the personal strength to meet his goals. No longer known for his worries, Jack describes himself as determined and friendly.

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*Name has been changed to protect confidentiality